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Articles, books, and stories, by Candice L Davis

The Morning Man (literary short story)

Small town preacher, Orlando Turner, has many skills, first among them the ability to pretend. For more than a decade, Reverend Turner has managed to convince himself that his secret life is known only to him and the women he’s chosen to involve in it. Each woman has played her part, accepting what little he can offer her. All seems well until Orlando’s wife, in one simple act, upends everything he’s believed about himself and the world he’s so carefully constructed for his own survival.

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This Thing with Henry (literary short story)

This haunting short story evokes a small Southern city languishing in the wake of broken promises. As young mother Ophelia Prince navigates this world, she carries the weight of her family’s secret, a truth that threatens to tear apart everything she’s struggled to create.

As her family structure deteriorates and threatens to explode, Ophelia must reach beyond what she knows and believes. She must redefine what it means to be a mother, and for the first time, trust someone else to do what she can no longer manage. Spare, insightful, and ultimately satisfying, This Thing with Henry is an artful and thought-provoking read. Kindle Edition


The Raw Food Difference: 10 Easy Steps for Beauty Energy and a Smaller Butt!

After years of struggling with obesity, Candice L. Davis lost 60 pounds and kept them off with raw foods. You can do it, too. And you don’t have to give up all cooked foods or commit to veganism, unless you want to. This no-fluff book gives you the tools you need to overcome the most common obstacles to weight loss. With these simple steps, you can enjoy beauty, energy, and a smaller butt!

Kindle Edition     Nook Edition    other ereaders and pdf


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