Missing Deadlines – It Happens to the Best of Us

15 Nov

In our house, we have a saying: We don’t do tardy in this family.

I’ve tried to impress upon my daughters the importance of punctuality, especially when one has made a commitment to someone else. It’s a way of respecting the other’s person’s time and demonstrating that you care as much about the commitment as they do.

Unfortunately, life sometimes gets in the way of living up to my family mantra. Such is the case with the book I’m currently co-writing. It was due to the publisher on October 1st, but because of the author’s work schedule we had to request an extension, which gave us until November 1st to turn in the completed manuscript.

This is my first time working with this publisher, and I don’t want to develop the reputation as the writer who can’t meet her deadline, so I pressed hard to meet the new one. A couple of unexpected events later, and we’re fifteen days behind on that extension. Fifteen days. It pains me to type it.

We’ve given the publisher six completed chapters, but we’ve not finished the final three. The editor has been understanding, and even though the current status of the book is out of my hands as the author deals with a family crisis that demands her attention, I can’t help feeling responsible for not meeting our obligation.

The lesson here: On future collaborations, I’ll convince my partner that we should have the project completed well ahead of deadline. Should unexpected obstacles arise, as  they so often do, we’ll have the extra time to deal with them.

In the meantime, I forge ahead on my solo projects. I’ll have a couple of short stories ready for publication before the end of the month.

Go write something! (And get it in early!)


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3 responses to “Missing Deadlines – It Happens to the Best of Us

  1. Kelly Louise (@GenePoolDiva)

    November 16, 2011 at 4:31 pm

    Hey, you’re talking to the girl who gets to work an hour early and believes self-imposed deadlines. Even though the current project stalled, I’ll bet your willingness to be prompt shines through.

    • Candice L Davis

      November 22, 2011 at 12:57 pm

      I knew I wasn’t the only obsessive one! Nice to hear from you, and yes, I hope I’m building a reputation as a writer who gets the work done.


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