Wading in to Indie Publishing

16 May

Thanks to the dedication, hard work, and success of my writing partner, we have a book deal with a major publisher. I’m the writer on this project, and my partner is the author. I worked extremely hard on the proposal, and I’ll put even more into the writing of the book. Still, she gets a bigger pay-out and a larger credit, because this is a cookbook and the recipes, as well as the platform, are hers. The project wouldn’t exist without her.

I feel privileged and well rewarded for my hard work on the book proposal, but I’m also ready to make a foray into indie publishing. It’s time to release something under my own banner. My monster novella and a non-fiction book are near completion. Instead of waiting until they’re done, I’ve decided to publish an e-booklet.

This 30 page booklet treats one of my favorite non-fiction passions. It’s a how-to for people looking to try out a raw food lifestyle. I maintain a raw food blog, and have eaten this way for some time. I make it clear I’m not a 100% raw foodist, but it is the way I primarily eat.

Barring technical difficulties, the book should launch by the end of this week. I hope it’ll be a good resource without all the fluff that’s added to many lifestyle books in an effort to pad the page count.

I’m pushing myself to publish this because it’s good and it’s nearly finished. A longer or more complex project will provide lots of excuses to put off publication, and just one good excuse could keep me from publishing anything in the near future.

It can be scary to risk failure in such a public way. Publishing this booklet will be my leap of faith–faith in my competence, knowledge, and work ethic.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Go write something!

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